December 19, 2010

TV Ads in 2011

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Almost two months left and therefore, we will all be waving farewell to 2010. Startling fireworks and firecrackers all over the world will fervently receive the year 2011. However, have did it ever occur to you of what will carry off this year entirely different from the forthcoming one?

Using of a greater media will precisely be a part of this fast developing world. The kind of communication, transportation, and primarily the type of recreation will also change.  If cell phones with advanced features were the main attraction this year, there is a greater possibility that a functional looking will be released by the following year. If LPG-using vehicle was made earlier in 2010, there definitely be a higher technology vehicle next year. If you saw excellent TV ads and movies for the past years, a more awesome and astonishing TV ads might await.

Nobody can see and nobody can never tell what will certainly happen in the next year to come. Once again, our type of communication, transportation, and especially entertainment may alter, our daily life might be modified too, yet, that’s life and we just have to simply ride on it. Take note, life is oftentimes good when we are having fun!


April 3, 2009

Paris Hilton and Carl’s Jr.

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I understand why popular celebrities are hired to do commercials for a product. Because they could contribute to the sales of the product. That’s why there are what we called celebrity endorsers. But there’s just one commercial that didn’t make sense to me. Why Paris Hilton in Carl’s Jr. Commercial would be posing seductively to promote a burger?

Oh well, maybe the food chain’s target audience were adult men who were anticipating for a super hot woman while commercials are on. But another question, is Paris Hilton that hot? I still love Carl’s Jr though despite this odd commercial they used to promote their burger.

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