March 20, 2011

The Day I Became a Google Fan!

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When I first used the Internet, the browser that I’ve first used was Internet Explorer, and it was the sole browser that I knew those times. I’m only familiar with the basic things done on the Internet like doing research, surfing websites and chatting on YM.

Before graduating from my elementary days, the last assignment that my teacher assigned to the class was to create a study on the various foreign scientists and their works. We were tasked to compile them in a portfolio. However, I found it tough searching for them all in our school library so I’ve decided to research it on the Internet, instead.

I’ve visited and started conducting my search. Amazingly, Google provided me a lot of foreign inventors to choose from. I was so happy because I was able to finish it just in only one day. I was so impressed with Google for reliable search results that I’ve vowed never to use any other search engines ever again. Thanks Google! Now I’m a fan!


February 22, 2011

How Accurate is Google Translate

I was instructed by my boss to a come up with an article about the seven wonders of the world for my extra project. I was only given until the afternoon of that day to write it but then I can sense I will more likely to run out of time.

I have an idea of what to write but I’ve got no clue on where to begin.

Actually I’ve written an outline with lots of mistakes, a bit on grammar and sentence order. To make it easier for me, I wrote first everything in Filipino then I copied and pasted the whole draft in the Google translate for the translation.

To tell you the truth, I was a bit hesitant at first to use Google translate because I have some doubts on how accurate is Google translate. I have talked to some of my office mates who have tried using Google translate and almost all of them gave the same feedback.  According to the, Google translate is really very helpful even though it does not give the most accurate translation since it is not in context instead it is done word by word.

One hour before the day was finally over, I was wrap up with the article. I made the final output with pictures and captions. What took most of my time was actually the research that I did because I don’t have enough data regarding the topic, but still, I was able to create it close to perfect. Good thing Google translate was there to the rescue.

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