March 16, 2009

Deleting A Gmail Account

Filed under: Gmail — thenson @ 12:55 pm

Today, I started my day figuring out how to delete a gmail account. I wanted to ┬ádo it because I thought it was the best way to avoid this old friend who kept emailing me things I didn’t want to read. Well, our friendship gone sour. Yeah, I know bad.. but anyway since she kept bugging me for something we already talked about, I decided to delete my gmail account and just get a new one.

When I was about to go through the deletion process, I remember though I made an effort to export the Yahoo Address Book to Gmail and inform all my contacts of my new email address. Thus, I just look up online if there is a way to block someone in Gmail. So, yeah, there is and I just followed the steps in the article, and it worked. Maybe labeling could also work.


Deleting my Gmail account may have not work too since I have used that email address for two years for work and personal contacts. I can’t even reactivate it if I want it back.


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