March 20, 2011

The Day I Became a Google Fan!

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When I first used the Internet, the browser that I’ve first used was Internet Explorer, and it was the sole browser that I knew those times. I’m only familiar with the basic things done on the Internet like doing research, surfing websites and chatting on YM.

Before graduating from my elementary days, the last assignment that my teacher assigned to the class was to create a study on the various foreign scientists and their works. We were tasked to compile them in a portfolio. However, I found it tough searching for them all in our school library so I’ve decided to research it on the Internet, instead.

I’ve visited and started conducting my search. Amazingly, Google provided me a lot of foreign inventors to choose from. I was so happy because I was able to finish it just in only one day. I was so impressed with Google for reliable search results that I’ve vowed never to use any other search engines ever again. Thanks Google! Now I’m a fan!


March 5, 2011

Looking for Yoga Books

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I am extremely preoccupied with this yoga.

Because of my frisky lifestyle and feverish schedule, I am always short of time to drop by gym or attend a fitness session. Nevertheless, I would still love to enroll in a yoga class but doing the basic movements can be a real headache for me and also a burden to my wallet. My solution was to get hold some yoga books and perform them home during my free time.

My only problem with the yoga books is that I’m not keen with reading especially when were talking about wide range of movements. Oh!, I extremely need a yoga instructor or someone who will show me the right way to execute those movements. Good thing another idea crossed my mind – the yoga videos!

I instantly opened my browser to YouTube. Right away my problem was solved!

I believe what is nice about yoga is not how you do the movements but how you set up a diversion that will take you away from your frantic lifestyle. We are extremely busy that sometimes we don’t help ourselves to elevate our lives.

Yoga is also about socializing with people and knowing how to be “really” free, not only in mind but independent from the arduous points of our hectic life. That’s what I’ve known out of my curiosity.

I will enroll in a yoga class whatever it takes.

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