February 22, 2011

How Accurate is Google Translate

I was instructed by my boss to a come up with an article about the seven wonders of the world for my extra project. I was only given until the afternoon of that day to write it but then I can sense I will more likely to run out of time.

I have an idea of what to write but I’ve got no clue on where to begin.

Actually I’ve written an outline with lots of mistakes, a bit on grammar and sentence order. To make it easier for me, I wrote first everything in Filipino then I copied and pasted the whole draft in the Google translate for the translation.

To tell you the truth, I was a bit hesitant at first to use Google translate because I have some doubts on how accurate is Google translate. I have talked to some of my office mates who have tried using Google translate and almost all of them gave the same feedback.  According to the, Google translate is really very helpful even though it does not give the most accurate translation since it is not in context instead it is done word by word.

One hour before the day was finally over, I was wrap up with the article. I made the final output with pictures and captions. What took most of my time was actually the research that I did because I don’t have enough data regarding the topic, but still, I was able to create it close to perfect. Good thing Google translate was there to the rescue.


February 10, 2011

The Breakthrough of an Internet Marketing Expert

The benefits brought by internet in the business world has rapidly evolved these days and will keep growing in the coming years. With the tight rivalry in the internet, a lot businesses will continue to increase the demand for internet marketing services, and also the demand for an internet marketing expert.

The demand for an internet marketing expert will be more and more internalized. Internet marketing for online business will be very important, and is too risky to contract out to internet marketing firms. For big businesses, it is worth it for some financial considerations to refrain from availing the services of an outside internet marketing firm. Instead, they just train their regular employees so they will become internet marketing experts to take charge of their company’s site.

Link building is probably the most valuable strategy in internet marketing today. Building links to your site from other reliable, associated niches lifts the image of your site in the eyes of the search engines like Google and Yahoo. Meanwhile, if there are links to your site placed inappropriately, like on porn sites, this can be very damaging to your marketing campaign.

Typically, an internet marketing expert is in charge of the content he or she delivers to his or her client. Everything is included, from the general ideas to the articles and posts are securely controlled. Because of the advancement in the internet, today’s clients are starting to manipulate the flow of marketing and promotion. In return, many targeted marketing in the form of internet marketing, social media marketing, and social networking have turn out to be more important than the past few years.

February 6, 2011

Finding the Perfect Yoga Books for You

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I am really curious with this yoga.

Because of my frisky lifestyle and full schedule, I lack the time to visit the gym or join a fitness lesson. I would love to do yoga class however learning the foundations can be painful to my head and especially a strain for my pocket. That’s why I decide to find the perfect yoga books for me and perform it in our home during my free time.

My problem with the ebooks is that I’m not interested in reading long articles especially when we are dealing with a numerous variations of movements. Geez, I really think I need a yoga instructor or a person who will show me the actions to me, a different idea crossed my mind – the videos!

Because of that, I immediately ran in front of my old computer direct my browser to YouTube and Voila! my problem was solved!

But I think what is interesting about yoga is not how you learn the movements but how you create a channel that will get you out from your toxic way of life. We are very occupied that sometimes we no longer help ourselves to promote our way of life.

Yoga is also about socializing with people and learning how to be “really” independent, not only in mind but also independent from the grueling moments of our hectic life. That’s what I’ve learned out of my curiosity.

I will join a yoga session no matter what.

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