March 20, 2011

The Day I Became a Google Fan!

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When I first used the Internet, the browser that I’ve first used was Internet Explorer, and it was the sole browser that I knew those times. I’m only familiar with the basic things done on the Internet like doing research, surfing websites and chatting on YM.

Before graduating from my elementary days, the last assignment that my teacher assigned to the class was to create a study on the various foreign scientists and their works. We were tasked to compile them in a portfolio. However, I found it tough searching for them all in our school library so I’ve decided to research it on the Internet, instead.

I’ve visited and started conducting my search. Amazingly, Google provided me a lot of foreign inventors to choose from. I was so happy because I was able to finish it just in only one day. I was so impressed with Google for reliable search results that I’ve vowed never to use any other search engines ever again. Thanks Google! Now I’m a fan!


March 5, 2011

Looking for Yoga Books

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I am extremely preoccupied with this yoga.

Because of my frisky lifestyle and feverish schedule, I am always short of time to drop by gym or attend a fitness session. Nevertheless, I would still love to enroll in a yoga class but doing the basic movements can be a real headache for me and also a burden to my wallet. My solution was to get hold some yoga books and perform them home during my free time.

My only problem with the yoga books is that I’m not keen with reading especially when were talking about wide range of movements. Oh!, I extremely need a yoga instructor or someone who will show me the right way to execute those movements. Good thing another idea crossed my mind – the yoga videos!

I instantly opened my browser to YouTube. Right away my problem was solved!

I believe what is nice about yoga is not how you do the movements but how you set up a diversion that will take you away from your frantic lifestyle. We are extremely busy that sometimes we don’t help ourselves to elevate our lives.

Yoga is also about socializing with people and knowing how to be “really” free, not only in mind but independent from the arduous points of our hectic life. That’s what I’ve known out of my curiosity.

I will enroll in a yoga class whatever it takes.

February 22, 2011

How Accurate is Google Translate

I was instructed by my boss to a come up with an article about the seven wonders of the world for my extra project. I was only given until the afternoon of that day to write it but then I can sense I will more likely to run out of time.

I have an idea of what to write but I’ve got no clue on where to begin.

Actually I’ve written an outline with lots of mistakes, a bit on grammar and sentence order. To make it easier for me, I wrote first everything in Filipino then I copied and pasted the whole draft in the Google translate for the translation.

To tell you the truth, I was a bit hesitant at first to use Google translate because I have some doubts on how accurate is Google translate. I have talked to some of my office mates who have tried using Google translate and almost all of them gave the same feedback.  According to the, Google translate is really very helpful even though it does not give the most accurate translation since it is not in context instead it is done word by word.

One hour before the day was finally over, I was wrap up with the article. I made the final output with pictures and captions. What took most of my time was actually the research that I did because I don’t have enough data regarding the topic, but still, I was able to create it close to perfect. Good thing Google translate was there to the rescue.

February 10, 2011

The Breakthrough of an Internet Marketing Expert

The benefits brought by internet in the business world has rapidly evolved these days and will keep growing in the coming years. With the tight rivalry in the internet, a lot businesses will continue to increase the demand for internet marketing services, and also the demand for an internet marketing expert.

The demand for an internet marketing expert will be more and more internalized. Internet marketing for online business will be very important, and is too risky to contract out to internet marketing firms. For big businesses, it is worth it for some financial considerations to refrain from availing the services of an outside internet marketing firm. Instead, they just train their regular employees so they will become internet marketing experts to take charge of their company’s site.

Link building is probably the most valuable strategy in internet marketing today. Building links to your site from other reliable, associated niches lifts the image of your site in the eyes of the search engines like Google and Yahoo. Meanwhile, if there are links to your site placed inappropriately, like on porn sites, this can be very damaging to your marketing campaign.

Typically, an internet marketing expert is in charge of the content he or she delivers to his or her client. Everything is included, from the general ideas to the articles and posts are securely controlled. Because of the advancement in the internet, today’s clients are starting to manipulate the flow of marketing and promotion. In return, many targeted marketing in the form of internet marketing, social media marketing, and social networking have turn out to be more important than the past few years.

February 6, 2011

Finding the Perfect Yoga Books for You

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I am really curious with this yoga.

Because of my frisky lifestyle and full schedule, I lack the time to visit the gym or join a fitness lesson. I would love to do yoga class however learning the foundations can be painful to my head and especially a strain for my pocket. That’s why I decide to find the perfect yoga books for me and perform it in our home during my free time.

My problem with the ebooks is that I’m not interested in reading long articles especially when we are dealing with a numerous variations of movements. Geez, I really think I need a yoga instructor or a person who will show me the actions to me, a different idea crossed my mind – the videos!

Because of that, I immediately ran in front of my old computer direct my browser to YouTube and Voila! my problem was solved!

But I think what is interesting about yoga is not how you learn the movements but how you create a channel that will get you out from your toxic way of life. We are very occupied that sometimes we no longer help ourselves to promote our way of life.

Yoga is also about socializing with people and learning how to be “really” independent, not only in mind but also independent from the grueling moments of our hectic life. That’s what I’ve learned out of my curiosity.

I will join a yoga session no matter what.

January 27, 2011

Finding the Best San Francisco Invisalign Dentist

Orthodontic braces are instruments used in dental field to gather those teeth and their location with regards to a person’s bite. They are oftentimes used to change specific teeth problems such as under bites, overbites, cross bite and open bites, deep bites, or warped teeth and a variety of other problems of teeth and jaws, whether aesthetic or structural.

Because of the constant development of technology, there is a new device called invisalign that provides the same therapy and effect like the braces.

Invisalign made up of a series of invisible aligners that are put on top of the dental arches. Surveying for the right and skilled invisalign orthodontist will spare you time, money, and inconvenience in the long run.

According to researches, invisalign costs 20% more compared to braces, and it is more comfortable to wear than braces. There are some remarkable cases, despite, that these substitute to braces can treat. Finding the best San Francisco invisalign dentist guarantees to give you top service and positive results.

A lot of persons feel uncomfortable about dental treatment. However, if you haven’t visited¬† to the orthodontist even just for once, you may be pleasurably surprised. San Francisco invisalign offer approach to care will make your dental appointment a positive ordeal.

January 10, 2011

Finding a Good Dentist in Your City

Availing the service of the best dentist is essential to caring for your teeth. Even if you have a perfectly healthy smile as it is, or are in dyer need of some urgent dental make over, a good dentist can guarantee you accomplish your plans. Maintaining your dental health is essential your self esteem and of course overall health.

Everyone knows that there are excellent dentists and then there a few who are crappy. Everybody has their own choice when it comes to their dentist. The dentist that your father picks may not be the one you select for some reasons. Like you might not be at ease in their clinic and how they do things.

First thing to think about before availing the service of a dentist is your area. How long are you willing to drive to locate an excellent dentist? A lot of people pick a dentist that is relatively close in distance. It’s little of a trouble to travel a couple of distance down the road than to travel miles out of the way and spend fuel, money and not to mention time.

You can start looking for dentists in your area by using the net. Simply type in “dentists San Francisco” and then hit search to know the result that comes up. You’ll locate a number of dentists who practice from general dentistry to orthodontists and even cosmetic dentists. You should choose on who to call to arrange an appointment base on your particular needs. The ideal place to begin is at a general dental clinic.There are other ways to search aside from the the net. You should also check your phone directories as well as, look around. Least thing you need is to miss out on getting a reputable dentist that will fit all of your dental needs. Once you’re certain you’ve found one that fulfills your expectations, now it’s time to carry on some background checking. You can do this first with the BBB- Better Business Bureau to make sure that no cases have been ordered against the dentist you’ve chosen. If there are cases, go through them to find out if they are legitimate. Sometimes people will make complaints just because they did not like the dentist or because they feel they were impolite to them.

However if a legitimate complaint has already been filed, you may want to look elsewhere. You can always give your chosen dentist an opportunity to handle you, just as long as you do not feel as if you are being at risk. You may want to think of putting up a list of possible dentists before making your ultimate decision. Keep in mind to perform a detailed background check on each dentist you are planning to consider. One more place to check is with your State board of dentistry to see if any valid complaints have been filed.

Ask some of your acquaintances and relatives to know who are their dentists. Through this, you just might be able to cut down your choices a little more easily. As soon as you choose on who you want to avail dental services, set your appointments. The health of your mouth is very important.

December 19, 2010

TV Ads in 2011

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Almost two months left and therefore, we will all be waving farewell to 2010. Startling fireworks and firecrackers all over the world will fervently receive the year 2011. However, have did it ever occur to you of what will carry off this year entirely different from the forthcoming one?

Using of a greater media will precisely be a part of this fast developing world. The kind of communication, transportation, and primarily the type of recreation will also change.  If cell phones with advanced features were the main attraction this year, there is a greater possibility that a functional looking will be released by the following year. If LPG-using vehicle was made earlier in 2010, there definitely be a higher technology vehicle next year. If you saw excellent TV ads and movies for the past years, a more awesome and astonishing TV ads might await.

Nobody can see and nobody can never tell what will certainly happen in the next year to come. Once again, our type of communication, transportation, and especially entertainment may alter, our daily life might be modified too, yet, that’s life and we just have to simply ride on it. Take note, life is oftentimes good when we are having fun!

April 3, 2009

Paris Hilton and Carl’s Jr.

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I understand why popular celebrities are hired to do commercials for a product. Because they could contribute to the sales of the product. That’s why there are what we called celebrity endorsers. But there’s just one commercial that didn’t make sense to me. Why Paris Hilton in Carl’s Jr. Commercial would be posing seductively to promote a burger?

Oh well, maybe the food chain’s target audience were adult men who were anticipating for a super hot woman while commercials are on. But another question, is Paris Hilton that hot? I still love Carl’s Jr though despite this odd commercial they used to promote their burger.

March 25, 2009

Moving WordPress

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My friend is thinking of moving a free WordPress hosted blog to its own domain. Meaning instead of it will be It seems a good idea since the blog earn more credibility standing on its own, not relying to You know what I mean?

Anyway, there are disadvantages though when moving like it may eventually lose traffic for some time since the url will change, unless you do redirection, and change permalink structure.

So far, my blog in wordpress is new. I don’t have to worry about it yet. I don’t have that much of visitors anyway.

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